St. Peter's is a community of many different ages and stages. Discipleship (i.e. growth in Christ) is essential to how we function as individuals and as a church. As adults, we focus on these areas of ministry:


    In today's world, membership is a term that carries many connotations. Being a member of a church is unlike belonging to any other organization. In most places, when you say you are a member you participate as a consumer...the organization exists in order to serve you. But that isn't so with the church. As a church we don't exist for ourselves, but for others. 

    There isn't a passage in Scripture that says, "Thou shalt be a church member." BUT the New Testament is full of language that calls for commitment to a local community (flock, temple, body, household-each used as a metaphor to talk about who is a part of the local church and who is not). When you become a member of St. Peter's you not only publicly claim Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but you commit to His service and mission. St. Peter's has four requirements for church membership. Click here to read them. If you are interested in Exploring Church Membership click here to request more information.

  • Small Groups

    Small groups consist of 12 people or fewer that follow a time-bound pre-approved and church-wide curriculum. They will either follow a sermon or a book and are closed for the allotted time (i.e. a small group member commits to being in a group for the series and nothing more). Click here to request more information.

  • Women's Ministry - Sisters by-the-sea

    The Women's Ministry at St. Peter's provides a wide variety of activities for our ladies. We traditionally do a wonderful themed Ladies Tea, a weekend retreat with a special speaker, a Christmas Cookie Exchange, Crafter's Night , and various Bible study classes. We also support YoungLives teen moms with welcome home baskets. St. Peter's Women's ministry is an intentional gathering of women who love the Lord, who want to celebrate life together, hold one another accountable, and pray for one another. To request more information about Women's Ministry at St. Peter's click here.

  • Men's Ministry - crewmen

    It is the aim of Men's Ministry to support and encourage men as followers of Christ. We do this through fellowship, service and opportunities to learn together. Click here to request more information.