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Our church has moved to a new kind of church communication called St. Peter’s Realm©. This secure solution offers some exciting opportunities to support the way we are involved in our church St. Peter’s Realm© will make it easier for you to connect with our church family, keep up with what’s going on, and grow as a connected community of believers. If you belong to a Parish and we have your individual e-mail on file, you will receive an e-mail invitation to join the St. Peter's Realm© Community.

There are a few of things you should know before you jump right in:

1. We’re adding more ways to communicate and connect as a church, all while leaving current methods in place.

2. You determine how much you want to make this part of your experience with our church, but we encourage you to participate.

3. A dedicated team of St. Peter’s Realm© trainers will be with you every step of the way to answer questions and help you get the most out of your St. Peter’s Realm© experience.

Click the links above to Introduction to Realm© which will take you step-by-step through the sign-in process, Contact and Personal Information is what you will see and be able to edit on your profile, and frequently asked questions

Realm© is opening avenues of communication and growth for St. Peter's By-the-Sea.

Join us in Real Ministry!

St. Peter’s Realm© Core Team

Steve Wright, Pastor

Lisa Farmer, Chairperson

Kathy Anderson, Finance/Administration

Margot Backman, Groups Coordinator/Communication

Bob Polentz, Finance

Bill Farmer, Finance

Mandi Burch, Trainer